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Some traders are not interested in forex bonuses because using bonuses has many disadvantages. On the other hand, forex bonuses can help traders reduce trading cost and minimize trading margins, so they are still appeal to a number of traders.



Welcome bonuses are the bonuses that new traders are offered new registration by brokers. Brokers often offer $30- $50 welcome bonuses in order to attract new registers from new traders or competitors.

I know it is hard for new forex traders to look for the best forex brokers that offer the best forex welcome bonuses. Therefore, in this article I will explain to you all aspects of forex welcome bonuses. How can we take advantage of forex welcome bonuses? Can we withdraw welcome bonuses? Let’s find out!

  1. Pros and cons of forex welcome bonuses:

Welcome bonuses have some advantages that traders can take into consideration. The beginners and bonus cheater can get benefits from welcome bonuses. The beginner can use to test the broker’s trading conditions. Whereas, the bonus cheaters will create as many accounts as possible so that they can get free welcome bonuses and withdraw the profit.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of welcome bonuses. Firstly, $50 welcome bonus is too little. To become a professional investor or trader, the new traders should look at bigger amount. Besides, it is difficult to withdraw welcome bonuses.

Here is the list of best forex welcome bonuses. Let’s check it.

  • XM will offer $30 welcome bonus.

  • FBS has $50 welcome bonus.

  • FXTM


Among those brokers, XM is the most reliable brokers. In addition to welcome bonuses, they also have deposit bonus at 100% rate.

  1. What are the standards of the best forex welcome bonuses?

To find out the best forex welcome bonuses, you must take the following factors into account.

  • Easy withdrawal conditions

  • High welcome bonus value

  • Reliable forex brokers

Easy withdrawal conditions

Generally, we can’t withdraw bonuses. We are only allowed to withdraw profit that we won from bonus trades. All brokers listed above will let you withdraw profit. However, if the traders don’t complete minimum number of lot trade, they cannot withdraw the profit.

  • XM has the easiest withdrawal condition. Traders only need to complete 0.1 Lot to withdraw all profit.

  • FXTM is the second easy withdrawal condition. Traders have to complete 1 lot to withdraw profit.

  • FBS has 123 bonus program. Traders can get up to 123$ welcome bonus. For each trading lot, you can withdraw 3$ profit. Example: After 7 days trading, you won 60$. In order to withdraw that 60$, you have to trade at least 20 lot.

High welcome bonus value

  • FBS offers the highest welcome bonus Value which is 123$.

  • XM and FXTM offer the same welcome bonuses value which is 30$

Reliable forex brokers

You should remember that the most important standard of best forex brokers is their credibility. In these 3 brokers, XM is the most reliable forex brokers. They are also the best forex broker for beginners.

  1. Different types of forex bonuses:

The amount of money you can get when depositing is deposit bonuses. These bonuses are often calculated on percentage of deposit amount.

Lot back bonuses are for the loyalty program. When you finish 1 lot/ transaction, your account will be automatically added an amount of money by the brokers. Trading currencies, account types and trading time will have influence on the rebate amount.

  1. Can we withdraw forex bonus profits?

There are some withdrawal conditions that you satisfy to get the profit.

There are 2 main withdrawal conditions:

  • When trading with some brokers, you are required to complete a certain number of trading lots to withdraw bonuses.

For example: You must complete at least 10 lots so that you are allowed to withdraw $50 bonus. The brokers will deposit bonuses to your account when you register or deposit 1 lot.

  • Although some brokers don’t let traders withdraw bonus, you can get the profit.

It is better if you can withdraw bonus without completing any conditions. However, it is difficult to withdraw bonuses if you are asked to complete a certain number of lots.

  1. What should we choose, good bonuses or low spread?

In my opinion, forex bonuses is very attractive, but it’s not the most important factor of a good broker. Credibility must be the first factor you should care.


You can take the following steps to choose a good bonus:

  1. Write down 5 best brokers which are the most suitable for you.

  2. Choose the best forex brokers that offer good bonus program.

  3. Finally, let’s trade and get bonuses.

  1. Top 4 good forex bonuses:

I would like to share with you the list of top 4 best forex bonus:

  • Best welcome bonus: 30$ welcome bonus of XM.

  • Best welcome bonus: 50$ welcome bonus of FBS.

  • Best deposit bonus: 100% deposit bonus of XM.

  • Lot Back Bonuses: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot of Exness.

  1. Ways to cheat forex bonuses:

I will introduce you to two common methods that you can use to cheat welcome bonuses. I hope you can find it useful.

  1. Firstly, the traders have to create many new account in order to withdraw welcome bonuses. Then, you should hedge 2 accounts together which means that you win with one account and lose with another. The win rate is 50%. You can only apply this method to brokers who don’t ask you to complete any conditions to withdraw bonus.

  2. If you are cheater, you can open many new accounts to get welcome bonuses. After that, to open very big positions you can use the high leverage. Besides, they also need to hedge them with other accounts to 50% win chance. In this case, high leverage brokers are favorable for cheaters like you.

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